Monday, January 25, 2010

Where I live

I wanted to drop a note and post some pictures about where I'm living. I have a full hootch -- relative luxury here! You have to be a field grade officer (or senior enlisted I think) or here on a full year tour to rate such space. It's like living in a camp. I've got 3 rooms, only one separated by a door. It's all wood because they have a massive termite problem here... in fact, I have to clean up after termites each day (just sweep up the dust they leave behind). If the dust is too bad over my bed, I can get the boards replaced.

I hired a lady to help me keep things cleaned up and to help me with laundry (probably could do it myself, but I wanted to infuse money into the local economy... they are very poor in Honduras). It's nice to have help, especially with the termites. I do not keep food out in the open in my room because there are lots of ants here. I either keep things wrapped (granola bars that are unopened) or in the refrigerator. Mostly, I don't keep food in my room... just eat in the dining facility.

Anyway, I'm attaching pictures of my room just so you can see what it looks like. I ordered the colorful bedspread from Target and was thrilled when it arrived last week so I could break up the brown!

I'm also attaching some outside pictures. Two are of my hootch. You can see the shutters that prop up for light and air. The other two are the buildings across the street from me. One is the bathroom building. I'm lucky I only have to stumble about 50 feet to go to the shower/restroom!

(Ok, i have dial up connection, so I'll add pictures later... need to go to work now.)

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