Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 1

Yesterday was the big day. I left DC and traveled to Honduras. It was a very early morning, but things moved quicker than I expected at airport. Flights were uneventful and I got a bit of rest. Clearing customs was easy, and I found the rest of my party easily.

We drove to the Air Base which is situated in a valley. The big event for the trip was being hit by a drunk driver. His front end was ruined (but he drove off anyway), and our bus had minor damage. (No one on board was hurt.)

When I got to base, they toured me around and showed me my hootch. I'm pretty lucky! I get a whole hootch to myself (3 rooms - kitchen, living room, and bedroom). I've got a tv and couch and decent storage. It looks like a camping cabin, but it's comfortable. I'm across the street from the bathroom facilities.

Last night, there was a farewell dinner and I was invited to participate. It was great to meet some of the folks with whom i'll work.

Today was a day for wandering and getting unpacked. I also started my new workout routine.

I'll continue my workout schedule tomorrow morning with PT at 0615. I'm excited about tomorrow!


  1. Mom shared your note to her. Did you get houseplants on the open market there? Sounds like you're settling into a routine there. Will you rotate off the night duty soon? I hope there are a few others with gets eerie to be alone on duty in the night/early morning hours. I can recall a time in Vietnam in the airport control tower outside our only companion was a gecko who scared the s#@t out of me when it croaked at about 0230! We're very proud of you. Love - dad

  2. It was great seeing you last night. We'll keep working on Skype until we can get a two-way conversation going. Hope your shift went well last night. Love, dad