Sunday, January 17, 2010

After one week

I've learned a lot! Base is very comfortable. We have a small BX and a few MWR activities. Maybe I'll make a hammock at the hammock shop! We have a dining facility which serves decent food. There is a base pool.

I'm working the night shift in support of Haiti for the near term, so I have been trying to sleep for a bit in the late afternoon at the pool (why not get color, too!). Things are interesting in the current operations cell. I'm starting to adjust to night work... it's hard to sleep during the day! But it's nice to have daylight hours. It also means I don't go to PT formation... not that I minded PT.

Since I'm working nights, I haven't been able to get off post yet. Hopefully soon I'll get to do a bit of exploring (at least in Comayagua the town closest to base).


  1. Hey Gwen, sounds like you are on an important mission. For those of us just joining your adventure, can you explain what you're doing? Also, maybe a glossary of terms? I think I know PT, but MWR is a mystery to me. Thanks.

  2. Sigh... forgot I was using acronyms! PT is physical training. We form up and then are relaease to exercise. MWR is Morale, Welfare and Recreation.