Sunday, February 7, 2010

Trip #1 to Orphanage (7 Feb)

Today, I went to the orphange sponsored by my office. The office goes down every other Sunday. We bring food and then we play with the kids. Today, the guys also installed fire alarms in the rooms. (the house is all wood but they didn't have any fire alarms.)

I got to play with the little boys (pictured at the bottom) and talked with girls. I also served pizza. there are about 120 kids in the orphanage. The older boys work a ways away on a farm. We bought 30 pizzas from Domino's (yes they have Domino's here). We also brought cookies and milk (8 gallons) and juice. Could have made healthier choices, but the kids enjoyed it. Actually, the kids circled through the line as many times as possible and stashed the pizza. some even had zip lock backs to put the pizza into...
These are my pictures.

Kids eating pizza... guy in the orange shirt is the oldest boy and he kind of guides the other boys.

These kids were hanging out after eating.

This girl really enjoyed her pizza!

I played with this boy a lot.

This girl was really cute. She reminded me of Emily.

This is Wendy. she held my hand and gave me hugs/kisses as I was leaving. She just wanted affection. I liked her dress.

These boys were the ones that I played with most. We spent a lot of time playing with my camera. Aren't they cute!

Here we are playing with the camera.

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