Thursday, February 4, 2010

Flying to Duyure, Honduras

Getting to Duyure, Honduras is pretty hard. It's a remote, isolated village. The last part of the trip is dirt, mountain roads. We took a black hawk helicopter.

We flew over the mountains, villages, fields, and plantations. The people we flew over came out to see the fly over. The animals tended to scatter.

The villagers really loved seeing the helicopter up close and personal. These boys also enjoyed posing for pictures. While the medical team was looking at the facilities, the flight crew got to play soccer (at the end of this field) with these boys and other children in the village.

This little girl also wanted to see the helicopter.

It was really cool to go over the mountains and villages. I took some pictures and video of the journey. They didn't come out great, but it's the best I have.

This video is from flying over the Honduran countryside.

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