Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Carpetas - part 1

Semana Santa (Holy Week) is very important in Honduras. In fact, Thursday and Friday before Easter are national holidays. In Comayagua (the local town; it was capital of Honduras until the mid 1800s), they are famous for making "Carpetas." Carpetas are intricate sawdust pictures made on the street. They start at midnight on Good Friday and finish by 10 am when they do the stations of the cross reenactments. Part of the reenactment includes walking across the Carpetas.

I went down to see the Carpetas with a group from work. These are some of the pictures from our trip. In another post, I'll publish pictures of the carpets.

The first picture shows me and my friend, Jana, taking pictures. There were ladders between many of the carpets to enable picture taking.

This is one of the carpets. It's hard to believe you can make saw dust this colorful! This is part of our group.

This is the J3 team plus our commander. It's a great group of guys!

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